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A wild boar suspends an OIC


Jan 6, 2024

The Matara Senior Superintendent of Police has taken steps on January 04 to suspend the former OIC of Akurassa Police’s anti-corruption division for taking only 05 kilos of wild boar meat to the court instead of 50 kilos of wild boar meat seized during a raid and taking the remaining 45 kilos to a police party.

According to the information received while this officer was on duty, a group of officers went to the Paraduwa Estate and set up an electric trap and arrested a person with a stock of 50 kilos of meat from a wild boar that had been killed.

The stock of meat was taken to the police station and presented to the court along with the suspect in the amount of 05 kg and the rest of the stock was given to a party held for a police officer.

A senior police officer said that steps were taken to file a case against this officer in the Matara Magistrate’s Court on the charges of mishandling, dishonestly or fraudulently concealing or removing the case goods.

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