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Money stolen from the country for education and health – a new program from the opposition leader – Video

The leader of the opposition said that the recent marches demanding an increase in the amount allocated for education from the gross domestic product, taking it as a trump card and winning the elections resulted in the formation of governments, but such an increase did not happen and the reason for this was that education could not be covered by government funds alone.

The leader of the opposition said that in the 75 years of history, only development work was done by utilizing the tax revenue and no work was done from the opposition and this system has changed the Samagi Jana Balavega and the Samagi Jana Balavega has become the working alternative government in the country.

The opposition leader said that even though it was his birthday today, he expected to implement a program like Sakwala without parties because it would benefit the children of the country and if people’s money is spent on parties even in a bankrupt country, it is a curse and a sign of a perverted minded regime.

Therefore, the opposition leader Sajith Premadasa said that in a Samagi Jana Balawega government, the thieves who bankrupted this country will be brought before the law and the thieves will be caught and the money stolen by the thieves will be taken from the country in a transparent and accountable judicial process, and the money will be given to education and health to revive the human being. .

*The Leader of the Opposition said this while participating in the occasion of giving classroom equipment worth 10 lakh rupees to Kolonnawa Somadevi Balika Vidyalaya under the 66th phase of the Sakwala programme.*

From the opposition, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya went to the court of Kaiwaru Nogaha with one bundle of files and revealed the names of the people who bankrupted the country and as the next step, they will use the fundamental rights petitions to provide compensation to the affected people who have lost their livelihood. The opposition leader said here.

Put an end to the politics of false promises

Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, emphasized here that the Samagi Jana Balawega will contest this election not only to ask for votes but also to sign a social contract with 220 lakh people and legally bind themselves to do what they say and put an end to the politics of false promises.

Opposition leader Sajith’s concept of ‘Suhuru Vishwa Pusthakala’ starts

A ‘Suhuru Universal Library’ will be created in all 10,126 schools of the country, in which unknown information can be accessed not only on bookshelves, but through smart devices, and through this project, 41 lakh school children are expected to strengthen their access to information and improve their knowledge. The leader of the opposition said that it will be started from today and through that, 41 lakh school children will be given an international level education.

*Under the breath program implemented by the Samagi Jana Balawegaya, medicines and hospital equipment worth 1719 lakh rupees have been given to 56 hospitals, and 80 buses worth 50 lakh rupees have been given to 80 schools under the Sakwala bus program and 3892 lakh rupees have been given for that. Under the Sakwala Information Technology Program, 66 schools have been provided with comfortable classroom equipment and 635 lakh rupees have been spent for it.


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