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NMSJ submit electoral reform proposals to the Presidential Commission


Jan 23, 2024
The National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) recently submitted its proposals on the reforms which are required to be made to the country’s electoral system to the relevant Presidential Commission.
The NMSJ representatives made the relevant submissions on Monday (22).
Making the relevant submissions, the NMSJ verbally informed the Commission about the reforms that should be made in relation to Local Government (LG), Provincial Councils, Parliamentary and Presidential Elections, based on the written proposals which have been submitted previously.
A detailed presentation was made on the changes to be made in relation to youth and women representation, LG structures, limitation of election expenses, new proposals for the preferential system, election laws, proposals regarding the selection units of public representatives and the proposal regarding the electronic voting system.
A delegation led by the Chairperson of the sub-committee on electoral reforms of the NMSJ, Dr. Sujatha Gamage made the relevant presentation before the Chairman of the Presidential Commission, former Chief Justice, Priyasath Dep, other eight Commissioners and Commission’s Secretary.
Considering the presentation, the Commission agreed to grant the NMSJ another opportunity to make a presentation on the matter.

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